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QSL Updates

October 2011

Queensland Sugar Ltd (QSL) Chairman Alan Winney announced today that the QSL Board had accepted the resignation of Chief Executive Officer, Neil Taylor, and that he would leave the organisation on November 16, 2011. Read more

September 2011

Queensland Sugar Ltd (QSL) said today that even if global raw sugar prices soften, it expected demand for premium Australian raw sugar to remain robust. Read more

August 2011

Queensland Sugar Ltd (QSL) Chairman Alan Winney today announced he will not be seeking re-election to the position of Chairman of the Board of QSL when his current three-year term expires on 31 December 2011. Read more
QSL today released a sugar market update, confirming that sugar prices have performed strongly despite the high level of current global economic volatility. Read more
This reporting period saw prices end constructively despite global macroeconomic uncertainty. Read more

July 2011

Eight mills that supply raw sugar to QSL have rolled over their three year supply agreements, confirming they will maintain marketing arrangements with QSL through to the end of the 2014 season. Read more
A recent upswing in global raw sugar prices has lifted expected returns for Australian growers and millers for the 2011 Season, with the current forecast return for the QSL Seasonal Pool now at more than $500 per tonne net IPS. Read more

May 2011

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) has accepted an offer to sell its shareholding in Tully Sugar Limited to Mackay Sugar Limited in respect of 544,497 shares (representing 17.62% of the issued shares in Tully Sugar Limited), at a price of $43 per share. Read more
QSL (Queensland Sugar Limited) has today voted in support of a proposal to change the constitution of Tully Sugar Ltd. Read more

April 2011

QSL has announced an initial advance rate for the 2011 season of $265 per IPS* tonne of raw sugar (GST excl), equal to the highest ever initial advance rate achieved by QSL. Read more