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Grower Update - Pre-Crush Advance Payment Scheme

Monday, 04 February 2019

Nominations are now open for QSL's Pre-Crush Advance Payement Scheme.

This new payment option gives growers a payment for their 2019-Season QSL GEI Sugar in March 2019 – before the crush begins.

Participating growers receive $50/tonne of sugar IPS on 29 March for up to half of their 2019-Season QSL GEI Sugar. 

This Pre-Crush Advance payment amount is then deducted from their Standard QSL Advances payment/s once they start their harvest.

QSL passes on the charges for this product at cost, enabling participating growers to enjoy the same favourable interest rates available to QSL through our strong relationships with leading Australian banks.

These finance costs are currently estimated at $0.50/tonne IPS sugar and are incorporated into the grower’s final pool prices via a specific allocation from the QSL Shared Pool.

To participate, please log onto your QSL Direct account and click on the ‘Season Preferences’ tab under the 2019 Season. You can then nominate up to 50% of your 2019 GEI tonnage in the ‘Pre-Crush Advance’ field.

Nominations close 15 March 2019.

Click here for details.