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June pricing deadlines in sight for growers

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

As the 2018 cane harvest gets underway around the state, Queensland cane growers managing their own sugar pricing through Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) have been urged not to forget some important pricing deadlines coming up for the new season.


Growers in QSL’s Individual Futures Contract Pool have until 5pm this coming Friday 15 June to finalise any unfilled orders for the July 2018 sugar contract. After this time, any unfilled orders will be filled by QSL at the next market opportunity.


Growers in QSL’s Target Price Pool are also reminded that any unfilled orders for the 2018 Season remaining after 5pm next Wednesday 20 June will be rolled forward to the October 2018 contract and costs may apply.


QSL Finance Manager Supplier Relations Bryce Wenham said that while many growers’ priorities were currently focused on the crush, QSL was keen to ensure that they were aware of the cut-offs for their grower-managed pricing and the consequences should they not complete the required pricing by these deadlines.


“The Target Price Pool rolling feature is new this season and automatically applies to any unfilled pricing beyond the 20 June deadline,” Mr Wenham said.


“So growers who don’t want to roll their pricing forward and pay the potential costs involved need to reassess their pricing and take the necessary action to ensure any remaining pricing orders are filled prior to the 20 June cut-off.”


Mr Wenham said growers seeking more information about QSL’s grower-managed pricing options and the deadlines involved should read the relevant Pricing Pool Terms available on the QSL website ( or should contact their local QSL representative.



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