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Pricing deadlines in sight

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Cane growers managing their sugar pricing with Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) have some important deadlines in the coming week.

Growers in QSL’s Individual Futures Contract Pool have until 3pm this Friday 14 September to finalise unfilled orders for the October 2018 sugar contract. After this time, any unfilled orders will be priced by QSL at the next market opportunity.

Growers in QSL’s Target Price Pool are also reminded that any unfilled orders for the 2018 Season remaining after 3pm next Thursday 20 September will be rolled forward to the March 2019 contract and costs may apply.

QSL Finance Manager Supplier Relations Bryce Wenham said that while the previous QSL Target Price Pool roll cost was only $1.49/tonne of sugar, current prices indicated the next roll could cost over $12/tonne.

“To avoid these additional rolling costs, growers must ensure that any remaining 2018-Season tonnage for this pool has been priced by the 20 September deadline,” Mr Wenham said. 

Growers seeking more information about QSL’s grower-managed pricing options and the deadlines involved should read the relevant Pricing Pool Terms (available on the QSL website - or should contact their local QSL representative:

Far North Queensland:        Daniel Messina  0429 660 238
Herbert River:                       Jonathan Pavetto  0428 664 057
Herbert River & Burdekin:    Greg Watson  0411 230 800
Burdekin:                              Rebecca Love  0429 054 330
Proserpine & Plane Creek:   Kathy Zanco  0437 645 342
                                             Emma Sammon  0418 978 120
Mackay, Bundaberg, Isis & 
Maryborough:                       Cathy Kelly  0409 285 074
QSL Direct Helpline             1800 870 756

For more information:
QSL Communications Manager Cathy Kelly
Ph: 0409 285 074  Email: