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2011 Season

For 2011, QSL managed the following four pools:

  • Actively Managed Pool
  • Seasonal Pool
  • Guaranteed Floor Pool
  • US Quota Pool

Each pricing mechanism provided a different level of risk and return, and delivered a range of benefits to millers and growers according to their different needs.

Each Pool was allocated revenues and expenses from the QSL Shared Pool. The Shared Pool includes items such as physical sales and quality premiums, direct and indirect selling costs, handling and storage charges and marketing services.

2011 Pool Performance:

QSL Managed Pool


$A/tonne IPS

Shared Pool

$A/tonne IPS


$A/tonne IPS

Actively Managed Pool$693.21$8.97$702.18
Seasonal Pool$514.89$3.27$518.16
Guaranteed Floor Pool$480.44$4.78$485.22
US Quota Pool$701.27$(23.31)$677.96