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Market Updates

July 2012

You may recall that last year QSL implemented the Harvest Pool in response to the Pooling and Pricing Review’s recommendations. Read more
The October’12 contract climbed this reporting period (2 to 13 July) as the market responded to a tightening global supply picture and potentially positive macroeconomic news following political developments in Europe. Read more
With the finalisation of the 2011 Season made as I am writing this column, I am pleased to announce that QSL has achieved an all-time record Seasonal Pool Price. Read more
Prices declined during the first week of this reporting period (18 to 22 June) as the market experienced heavy, volatile trading. Read more
This column I am happy to announce that on 30 June, the six milling partners due to roll over their existing Raw Sugar Supply Agreements (RSSAs) this year have done so. Read more

June 2012

Prices declined during the early part of this reporting period (4 to 15 June) but climbed back to just above the US20c/lb mark at the end of the fortnight. Read more
Last column I discussed QSL’s other origin sugar program, why we need to source and supply sugar from countries other than Australia, and how the program is really about maximising returns. Read more
During this reporting period (21 May to 1 June), sugar prices fell below the US20c/lb mark. Read more
Over the next two columns I will discuss QSL’s other origin sugar program and how this helps us create value for our members. Read more

May 2012

Two key features of the sugar market in the Asian region are that it has the strongest consumption growth in the world and it is in a structural deficit for sugar supply. Read more