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Market Updates

March 2012

Last week I was invited to speak at the Australia Sugar Industry Alliance’s 2012 conference. Read more

February 2012

Australia is expected to receive an increase in its tonnage allocation under the US Quota system for the 2011/12 quota year with a formal announcement from the US Government expected on April 1. Read more
As the March’12 contract approaches expiry, prices have moved beyond their recent trading range, reaching a four month high of US26.23c/lb late in the second week of this trading period (20 to 24 February). Read more
In my last column I noted I was on my way to Dubai to share the QSL story with key customers, sugar producers, traders and buyers from around the world at the annual Kingsman Sugar Conference. Read more
Trading has been somewhat volatile in individual sessions as we move towards the end of the March ’12 contract, but prices are relatively steady overall. Read more

January 2012

Last month I reported that QSL is expecting record returns for our Seasonal Pool in 2011. Read more
Prices moved significantly higher during the first week of trading in this reporting period from 16 January to 27 January, and spiked again in week two before closing just above US24c/lb – a similar level to recent weeks’ trading. Read more
One of our key goals at QSL is maximising returns for our stakeholders and the sugar industry while being sensible about the risks we take in pursuing this goal of optimal returns Read more
During this reporting period from Monday December 19th to Friday January 13th the March’12 contract experienced a slight rise. Read more

December 2011

During this reporting period from Monday December 5th to Friday December 16th the March’12 contract declined. Read more