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Market Updates

December 2011

As 2012 begins to unfold, a key goal for QSL continues to be the successful implementation of recommendations from the Pooling and Pricing Review. Read more
We have seen the market take a slightly bearish turn generally over the past fortnight, but the outlook from a demand point of view is still strong for QSL. Read more
Prices dipped towards the lower end of the US20c to US25c range during the past fortnight, as the market adjusted to a range of news on the supply side indicating an increase in global export volumes. Read more

November 2011

This is my first update since I stepped into the Acting Chief Executive Officer role here at QSL. Read more
This period from Monday November 7th to Friday November 18th saw the March’12 contract trade downwards. Read more

October 2011

Recently I travelled to China to speak on behalf of QSL on the outlook for Australian sugar industry at the World Sugar Congress in Beijing hosted by FO Licht and the China Sugar Association. Read more
The first week of this reporting period saw strong volatility in the market. Read more
We have recently passed some key milestones in our work implementing the recommendations of the Pooling and Pricing Review. Read more
This reporting period from Monday October 10th to Friday October 21st saw the March’12 contract trade downwards. Sugar traded high in the first week on a larger commodities rally, but softened in the second week of the period. Read more

September 2011

Following the trend of recent weeks, the Oct-11 ICE No. 11 contract this reporting period was subject to market panic and volatility, symptoms of international macroeconomic trends. Read more