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Market Updates

September 2011

Despite macroeconomic pressure and general investor malaise stemming from a poor US unemployment report, raw sugar prices have performed steadily. Though some analysts are arguing commodity markets are becoming more financial and less subject to fundament Read more

August 2011

In a period of extreme financial and market volatility, sugar was not immune to unpredictable swings. Read more
It has certainly been a rollercoaster two weeks from a macro-economic point of view. Read more

June 2011

Prices strengthened significantly in the first week of this reporting period, off the back of increased raw sugar purchases from the food processing sector. In the second week of this reporting period, prices moved upward. Read more
It’s been good to see a number of mills get underway with crushing in the past few weeks. Although we know volumes will be down on normal seasons, there have been some positive indicators in terms of the weather outlook and reports on sugar content. Read more
In my last update I touched on some of the key elements of QSL’s marketing program for the 2011 season. This week I want to take a step back and examine some of the bigger picture issues. Read more
The futures curve rallied over the past fortnight, bouncing back from the low prices experienced early in May to a high of around US23c/lb. The July-11 ICE No.11 contract opened at US22.24c/lb on Monday 23 May and settled at US23.95c/lb on Friday 03 June. Read more

May 2011

Sugar prices have experienced another period of volatility in the past fortnight. The price of raw sugar on the ICE No.11 index moved between a high of US22.95c/lb to a low of US20.57c/lb within the reporting period. Read more
With crushing due to get underway in several regions, it is timely to provide an update on QSL’s marketing plans for the 2011/12 crop. Read more
The sugar curve has flattened over the three weeks since Easter, and the May-11 ICE No.11 contract has closed as well, which was a key focus for market activity during this reporting period. Read more